Mothering Toddlers

So many things going on, some things you want to finish and end soonest and some you want to linger and stay in it forever like mothering toddlers.

Just finished a quiet and simple family vacation in our hometown recently. Sharing with you photos taken by Mark and some 5 things I want to remember now that we are raising toddlers.

1. Time flies so fast.

FullSizeRender 9

As they say our days seem long specially when there are messy floors, way too – early mornings, and mid day tantrums. But the years are very much short, one day they are babies and then suddenly they are already running around and wants to be independent doing their own thing.

2. Children are heritage from the Lord, they are rewards and a blessing.

FullSizeRender 16

When things go rough and as human parents we snap and question ourselves “am I enough?” , “am I doing the right thing” or “are my children being raised properly”, I remind myself that my children are from the Lord, and I am from the Lord given to them as their mother. I am enough, I have all that I need, the people around me also know as “the village” to raise them and I am just perfectly- imperfectly right for them! Yes I am enough!

3. They will not be kids forever.

I want to enjoy this, all of this season! Every tantrum thrown at us even at times like vacations , long trips and events. I want to embrace it all and take it all in! I look at my kids and take mental snaps of them. I want to keep it, remember it and tell stories about it to them when they grow up and to their kids in the future.

4. TIME is Love

FullSizeRender 12

FullSizeRender 15

At this season, every moment with them is like a reward not for them but for us, parents. I remember a story shared with us by a successful doctor who sent her children to the city as she practice her profession in the province because she wanted to ensure that they get the best education. I felt her sadness and longing to get back all the time that was lost and not shared with her kids. Her kids are now all successful , “If only I could turn back time, I will make them study in the province and grow up with me. Enjoy your kids, while they are kids.” she said. At that moment it was made clear to me that as parents we spend time with our kids not for them to remember because they will definitely forget but for us to remember this time and enjoy the memories spent with them as kids.

5. I need other mothers.

Yes we do, we cannot do it all and do it well! As a mother of 2 toddlers I enjoy having friends who share best practices and same worries about their children. I love to hear stories of mothers who find success in raising kids who are faithful, motivated and most importantly – happy.  I am part of various mommy clubs online and I do follow inspiring moms on social media. And honestly, insecurities kick in when seeing how other moms do it. Clearly there is a problem there! The motivation of being a mom is wrong when that happens. And we are all very much vulnerable of feeling, that lie of not doing it right.

FullSizeRender 22

So I want to engage more and genuinely build a community with mothers who are reading this and I invite you to attend the Empower Mama workshop. It’s goal is to share our thoughts and stories we can relate to over on top of realizing our truest capacity to take care of our kids while being sincerely successfully happy with who are.

If you are interested or you know anyone who needs this workshop, tag them here and I will be happy to send them a personal invite. 🙂

P.S. I praise God for revealing new delights as days pass and very much excited for new mornings with my 2 toddlers and new chapters unfolding, I put my trust in God 10000%!

Cheering for you,


My First Mountain Top Experience!

It was 2 AM when yours truly went straight from bed to form in line of two’s and started walking.


I felt the excitement was all over me! I am already thrilled of the feeling having an ultimate selfie on top of that mountain, hah! very millennial! 😅 just kidding! But seriously I had no sleep at all because of too much excitement to be on top of that rocky –  930 Summit above sea level.

It was a total of 10 hours of trip (for me) 5 hours assault / hike and 5 hours way down motivating myself that I can finish it!

Alas at 12nn, together with my husband Mark who was so gracious and supported the whole time, we were able to arrive (third from the last) at the resort safely and totally with new spirit!💪

After a week of rest and still thinking about my experience, I have 5 lessons that I will truly value from that trip.

  1. The mountain will not adjust for you.

No matter what the situation is, all you’ve got to do is respond by moving and this includes adjusting yourself so you can move on and the rest of the people following you. Otherwise, you can choose to just rant, notice that everything is not right in your situation – your lack of knowledge, your lack of skills, even your lack of preparation. Because truly, sometimes life will throw you surprises!


2. Success taste sweeter when it is achieve together

Such a cliche, but this is very much real to me during our hike up to the summit. Mt. Maculot has 13 stations before the summit. There were 34 of us in total and we were divided into 3 smaller teams. Imagine if some, or even just one tried to quit and went back. Success in any form is always much much more beautiful and celebrated when you have the people who matter and journeyed with you at the top.



3. Progress always matter over perfection.

My most valuable lesson in this trip. I have realized that my health may not be at its most perfect form yet but happy to have some progress. Those consistent 1 hour walking, running and a little biking in the gym before I went to this trip surely paid off.





This is surely one of a lifetime experience that makes me more excited to welcome some more. Reaching the summit makes me see the bigger picture, much bigger than the obstacles we have to do while it was dark, the rappelling where I had to hold tight on the ropes for my life, and the time to time lack of confidence and doubts if I can finish it – all of those crashed the moment I reach the summit!

Praise God for this beautiful new experience. ❤

Hope you like it! And if you want to take a new adventure in your career, my team is looking for new social media content provider and must be pop culture junkie. The rest of the details are in this link, go check it , you might be a fit 😊

click the link or this photo. 🙂


Cheers for your true success and happiness,


Break free : A working mama’s review

If you are employed get it! If you are not employed get it! If you are a new self employed,  into any business type and all the same sort, just get it!


Disclaimer: For Open minded only. Do not attempt reading if you are not ready to break free. 

As a mom of two and a grateful wife plus everything in between while running our business, my hands are always full. But this easy read book by Don Soriano is so simply written that it speaks to me and gives me the motivation to note so many points because of its familiarity to many of us! Let me at least try….

The ideas and notes may not be new and might be tagged as cliches from all the geniuses of self motivation, success and cash flow managements. With all sincerity I do appreciate them all, specially reading some of my favorites quotes all together in a one- hour read book. It is like all my favorite speakers in one stage, how’s that!

I share reading this with a friend and we compared notes after. We both came to agree to 3 specific points summarized as;

Anyone can be successful! Nobody has any excuse not to. We all have access to success. Since, We are now well connected, completely expose to so many opportunities and equipped in technology, how can you not not succeed or find the right opportunity? You must be one crazy lazy if you are just reading this and not doing anything after! As Will Smith said, even your fear is not an excuse, it is an indication to the direction where success is headed and it is usually after that you experience breakthroughs!


Recognize your strengths and weakness! Find other people who can help get you from point A to point B. Trust the process and while undergoing it even it looks like so slow and direction-less just grow with it and learn from it! Take each stage as an integral step towards your end result. Be open to people who are willing to share the journey with you, coaches, mentors and even other ladies in our case. 🙂


Build a passive source of income while still earning from your stable income!!! Totally agree to that! I will probably feature good friends who are doing very good at this! Working 4 hours a day, the smart way, and living a great quality life that they intentionally worked on to focus on what truly matters to them.

Again thanks Mars Elka Santos, for the exchanges of insights.


Elka is an industrial engineer and practicing HR. She is married and also working with yours truly in our thriving community empowering women and as a personal coach helping people who want to also transition from one stream to multiple streams of income. She is smart, friendly and amazing event organizer!

If you want to be part of our next event in May, whether you are single, married, and a mommy, you are invited to join us. Send me note at to receive and exclusive invite.

Till next, this is your working mama cheering for your true success and happiness,


Celebrate at the TOP

There are so many celebrations at the Twin Oaks Place (TOP) located at Greenfield District and we always enjoy it here!

Hey hey hey, look here!!! 1, 2, 3, smile!!!


It is never easy to make a picture perfect photo for these kids, our Max and Victhur with their cousin Tannia. The kids enjoyed their day here at Twin Oaks Place at Greenfield District.

The kids had so much fun participating in games and their egg hunting! And our little Max won 3rd price for best bunny outfit too.

Thank you TOP inviting us, for the goodies and Jollibee treat. You guys are always amazing!

FullSizeRender 67

Today we celebrate Easter bunny egg hunt as part of the widely celebrated Easter Sunday, but everyday we can celebrate our everlasting alive Jesus Christ who died and has risen 2017 years ago for you and for me. Greetings from our (barefoot) family to yours! Hope you had a fruitful, meaningful and joyful break!

FullSizeRender 68


Cheers for your true happiness and success, till next time!


PS. If you want a free special tour and get to know more about TWIN OAKS PLACE, pls visit their link here or simply send me a message. 🙂


Rediscovering What’s Best For My Kids

Happy to have spent a wonderful time with fellow Mommy Bloggers and Mompreneurs .  This beautiful event was held to reach out to the Filipino Market and highlight the amazing features and benefits as we all re-discover Usanimals.

“Health, is a family affair.” We have to make sure that we choose the best for us and more so for our kids.

Here is Usana EVP for Philippines and Indonesia, Ms Duday Gaston welcomes us all for the event. Usana Philippines just celebrated its Great @ 8 event two weeks at the Mall of Asia Arena. ” We are very optimistic to grow more this year” said Ms. Gaston. Usana Philippines continues to its vision changing lives and making Filipinos part of the healthiest family on earth. Her remarks were followed by a very informative and helpful talk on USANIMALS.

Ms. Gen Blasurca, Usana Philippines Resident Pharmacist,  discussed thoroughly the difference of Usanimals from other multivitamins for kids that are currently available in the local market.

“Aside from its Pharma grade ingredients, USANIMALS Contains COMPLETE vitamins, minerals and Antioxidants and its formulation is G6PD deficiency friendly.” I definitely learned a lot during her segment, found out that Usanimals is totally SUGAR-FREE that helps prevent obesity and hyper activity , its completeness and high absorption rate is what makes it so much better and  good value for our money.  In addition,  Ms. Gen also emphasized that over-all it is  lifestyle, eating habits and proper supplementation that contribute to optimum health for children. So give the best, give Usanimals!


Yours truly was also invited together with Ms Pin Dela Fuente, a fellow mompreneur to share our personal experience personal testimonies on how Usanimals improve our kids’s health.

When asked about challenges on rearing children, both Ms. Pin and I agreed that indeed time and balance are the common concerns.

So, I am truly grateful for this amazing opportunity that I have with USANA since I left my corporate job 3 years back. This is something that really allowed me to focus on what is important during this amazing season of motherhood. Ms. Pin also gave some tips on how she keeps eating time a happy time with her handsome 3 boys and making sure they all take their vitamins all together. We both are so happy with USANIMALS results for our kids. 🙂

FullSizeRender 45

All the mommy bloggers were so active during the Q&A as well as during the games. So much fun and such sumptuous lunch at Happy Garden Cafe!

To be part of future events, pls do send me a message at and I will be glad to host you!

To know more about USANA, pls send me an email or call my 02 880 5000 and look for Mara Pasco.


Cheers to true happiness and success,



Summer is here and I can’t help it but to scroll photos from our most recent cold Japan Trip with our very good friends while the word “Sumimasen” keeps on playing all over and over again in my head. 😅

“Sumimasen” can mean so many things like “excuse me” or “sorry for the inconvenience”. I never thought I could say a single word so many times in a day!


(Photo at Sogenchi Garden)

I am sharing with you all our recent trip and most fun by far in all our trips outside Philippines with friends. Photos of us complete are taken by Podo.


Hope this will be helpful for your own Japan trip! Enjoy!

Day 1

Fly From Manila to Narita via PAL, took the 7:00 Am flight in the morning. Of course first stop is food (estimated 500Y/person).

Took the JR Express (be prepared there will be a lot of train rides and walking) to Ikebukuro and from the Train Station we walk through the Sunshine City area and saw the largest gaming park and Pokemon city ( free entrance ).

From left, Angel, Paolo, Elka, Ryan, Mico, me and Mark.

Day 2

Ate breakfast at the local noodle shop and went straight to the train station to  meet Hachiko, the famous dog statue. This place is usually for meet ups and just across the famous Shibuya intersection.

There are a lot of quaint stores inside the streets of Shibuya.

From there we walked to Harajuku , yes you read it right, we walked! And enjoyed the very nice weather and some sun, I guess these guys did not have any choice but to follow the master navigator! ME!😜

Takashita Street in Harajuku – good for sight seeing for a lot of novelty stores, dessert pop up stores and pasalubong plus a lot of Anime inspired shops.

Lunch – Ramen (950Y/person) Worth the long line!:)

From Harajuku area we walked again to see the Meiji Park but first coffee break at their very nice glass house cafe.

Coffee break (300 Y/per cup)

Meiji Park (free admission / closes at 5:00 PM)


IMG_6052 2FullSizeRender 21

Street Arts. (free just give donation)


After seeing the street arts we took the train  to see the Tokyo Tower. Best time to go is during night time to see the beautiful Tokyo skyline 950 ¥ / person.

FullSizeRender 23IMG_6099

Mark and Mico figuring out how to get a nice night shot selfie. haha!

From Tokyo tower we walked a little less than 10 mins and while we were just strolling , we saw this quaint small cafe and met Tokyo’s famous coffee master. He brews and makes all 600¥ per cup coffee and chooses the chinaware for each individual’s persona. All worth it! A Must Visit!

FullSizeRender 22IMG_6131IMG_6130

(the Master choosing a cup for me, he chose a floral cup for me.)

Day 3

We took a group trip organized via hotel (14,000 Y/person) for the Mt Fuji experience and the Lake Hakone Trip plus free lunch and transportation.

Mt Fuji 5th station

Beautiful Lunch


…..and this view after.


Gondola to the active volcano!

FullSizeRender 29



Hakone Lake

From Hakone lake , it takes 2 hrs drive back to Tokyo city just in time for dinner at Shibuya Night Streets before heading back to the hotel.

Day 4

Checked out and took the train to Kyoto via SkinkanZen 13000 ¥/person.


We arrive the cold Kyoto late afternoon and experienced our very first snowfall.

Day 5

Kyoto experience

At Sogenchi Garden (free)

IMG_668320170115_140230_001 3IMG_6489

Famous Arashimaya Bamboos (free)

Golden Pavilion 450¥/person (closes at 5:00PM

This is also where Pao proposed to Angel. 🙂

Our AirBNB experience (will write separately on this) overall was amazing and this was our beautiful 102 year old home in Kyoto.



Checked out and train rides again to Osaka!


The ultimate Japan street food and street shopping experience.

You will feast on tokoyaki and a lot more.


Day 7

We flew back home via PAL Osaka to Manila. This is definitely for the books and will be followed by a lot more travels for sure with this group. Mark and I can’t wait to bring the kids next time.

Connect with me on Facebook Maradona Sison Pasco for more updates and also on Instagram.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Cheers to true success and happiness!


Time well spent (Online)

A study shows that the average adult spends over 5 hours a day online in 2013 and as of 2015, this significantly increased and turned to 15 hours a day. But as we speak, this is now at an average of 20 hours a day with the rise of online work, Netflix, snapchat, insta-stories etc.

Writing this means I am no perfect and still finds it hard to not be distracted by every single notifications that constantly pops until I find a way to mute it. (Yayy!)

There was even a time that I took out all the social media applications on my phone as a personal time out!!! It is truly a struggle to make sure that I am 100% present specially when I am with my kids and also at the same time to make sure that I am not outdated with what is happening around me (feeling millenials’ struggle).

Finally, by G0d’s grace , I am creating a certain level of online discipline and only follows and reads websites and blogs that do adds value and not just click for no reason at all. There is a saying that five years from now, an individual will be shaped by the books he / she reads now. And I also want to add that he/ she will be shaped depends on the feeds and post we read and gets inspiration from.

So I am sharing  with you my top 5 picks for websites and feeds that is worth every second of your visit. 🙂 Do check them out.

Emily Ley :  I love how Emily Ley captures the real struggle and grace in finding balance in everything. She is the founder and owner of Emily Ley brand that manufactures high quality stationery , planners and is now globally distributed together with her authored book Grace Not Perfection. I personally ordered her 2016 and 2017 planner and I am very much impressed and inspired by the end to end process, the product and overall user experience, it does work for me! From Etsy (online store in the US) Emily has evolved herself to a brand that raises the bar for individuals who transitioned to entrepreneurship as she has now her new category which she calls EL Playbook and offers coaching session and manuscripts based from her personal experiences. And did I mention that she offers Simplicity Series which is really very practical and helpful specially for mommies!!! 🙂 See her thoughts and daily normal life feeds here (click the photos).


Cultivate What Matters : is the home of Powersheets founded and created by lara casey. This is such an amazing site to just breath in positivity and inspiration or whenever you feel like it (like almost everyday for me). It is a community that constantly promotes you to bloom in all seasons of life. You will enjoy watching her insta stories also!! 🙂  See their inspiring lives and motivations .

Click the photo.


Smart Start Session : A community that offers a fresh avenue for anyone looking for like minded individuals to journey with them through transitions of shifting mindsets. Its Instagram feeds will definitely encourage you to jump out on that lingering idea and starting it! Or if you are looking for constant updates on business for all kinds and smart ideas on how to kick off your own do check them at and join them for free coffee sessions ( available only in Philippines for now).


Mrs. Bo : A favorite for my windows and IG stories. It is an amazing source of affirmations on motherhood, womanhood and daughterhood. I love how Rica Peralejo Bonifacio’s candid but true insights gets through and consistently hits home everytime. Her writing is like having coffee with a friend and hearing her thoughts on the spot. Check her Instagram to see it for yourself.


Teach with Joy : She makes me cry, laugh and all the same time pray for more kids! Joy Mendoza writes about her relationships with her husband, homeschooling 5 kids and her personal devotion to God. She is equally very real and very inspiring specially at this season of my life. She inspires me to be true and be more focus to what truly matters right here , right now! Check her thoughts here.


If you have more suggested websites, people or feeds that you feel like encourages and inspires you, do send me a note and I would love to visit/follow them too. 🙂

And I would like to personally thank you for being here on my blog and reading this post. I celebrate with you more than 7500 readers/visitors in this website. My prayer is to constantly be relevant in areas that truly encourage the working moms, the stay at home moms, the single ladies and everyone else that is being reached by my candid writing. 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy!

Cheers for your true success and happiness,


To End is to Begin!

From the holidays, we welcome 2017 with expectant hearts. Ending 2016 with praise and long sighs for what a great year it was.


It is now my third year to make a personal tradition of finding peace to really just let thankfulness flow for all the amazing blessings and even the challenges of the past year. Together with this list is another to make sure I write down the promises I will claim for the new year.

For some they call it a resolution, but I prefer more to refer to it as faith goals. Last year, I had 5 faith goals and God has blessed us with just one. But our disposition towards God never changed, for I know that He perfectly knows that one is all we needed for last year, indeed it was. 2016 was a historical mark over on top of all the amazing things that happened, it was the year we had a home we can call our own.I can still remember the moment when we just moved in here.

Our family of four in our own white space with lots of natural light and feels like we are always on top of the world!

Our own floors to get messy and our very first Christmas with my whole family (with my mama and my siblings and their own families).


It is our own nice cozy space to accommodate and host friends and families. It is so beautiful to watch the sunrise every new morning and just savor date nights at home over the city lights in the evening. Praise God!!!

January 2017 is almost coming to end. So how did it go so far?

We made sure we started the year right . So together with our friends, we gathered, praised and worshipped together. We declared GROWTH this year in areas of our lives where we needed it most.

What refreshing start to just celebrate together and claim God’s word. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24

We are just so grateful for all our speakers Pastor Glenn Cagandahan of Lighthouse of Faith, Paete Laguna and Mr. Nathaniel Sunio of NextGen Church Makati.


After a year of working hard together God also has blessed us together with our very good friends and business partners with an amazing trip to kick off more travels this year!!! This time we went to a week of adventures, wonderful experiences, new sights and first time feels of winter. Oh dear, it was magical.


We explored Japan, arrived in Narita and went to Tokyo and Kyoto and last stop at Osaka to catch our flight back home.fullsizerender-243

For everyone who would like to have a copy of our easy and affordable detailed itinerary, just send me a message!

So to conclude this year’s first entry, I just want to share that God is revealing personal clarity with the things  around me, my roles, my commitments, my goals and my direction. My heart is calm even when my calendar is already starting to get filled for the next 6 months. And I am so excited to account my journey this year here on the blog!

Happy New Year again and (as per my very good friend) guys and if you have forgiven, and you have more love and peace this year, then happy new YOU!

Behold, God will do new things! And I totally understand that this means letting go of the old and unnecessary, pruning of non-bearing fruits, and most importantly — trusting fully to God! And this should be on my repeat reminder everyday! 🙂

…. And the year just begun!

Hope you enjoy reading my thoughts!

Cheers to success and truest happiness,


Our Family in full bloom


I still remember when I started this blog and it was when I was pregnant with Max. I needed some outlet of my overflowing ideas due to constant mood swings and downtimes.  But now it has come to full circle and the supposedly personal writing blog for me for random momma stuff has now reached its 7k readers since September 2013.Yey!

I believe with more consistency, persistence and time management, I can create more inspiring outputs not only to moms and wives but to all ladies in general who seek a community to have an avenue for learning and inspiring and to celebrate! Not that I have already mastered it but I am just like anyone else, still in the process of “holding on to grace of day to day and not perfection” (Emily Ley).

And to celebrate, I would like to share some of our latest family photos. This gives me joy, overflowing joy. They are my constant source of inspiration and most importantly my greatest work in progress. A special shout out to Bloom Photography for capturing amazing photos of us.  🙂


Our idea of the photos is to capture our laid-back family life. Always at home, lounging, running and playing around with the kids and always celebrating milestones. And for this year, we celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary, Max 3rd Birthday coming up in December and Victhur’s 1st birthday next week!




I love this season of life, having married, with a toddler and infant is not always easy but everyday I must say is a discovery. Day in day out, we will praise the Lord for this gift of family. Oh, how I wish that Max and Victhur will stay at this stage for the next 5 to 7 years. hahaha!



We can love because he first loved us. 1John 4:19

Cheers to our true success and happiness,





On Marriage and Cups of Coffee

Processed with Snapseed.

Hindi naman perfect ang aming marriage for me to talk like an expert on marriage but one thing for sure, we have a perfect God who binds us together.

Last September 9 to 10 was a love-ful event during the Esspressoo love weekend retreat. We have learned so much basics and yet most of the time we miss. Sharing with you my top take aways;

You have to bank, make deposits and avoid losses

Just like banking, we have to always watch out for losses and intentionally always put effort to bid for more deposits to our spouse’s love bank. And we can only do this successfully when we know the love language our spouse speaks and appreciates. It is a high time for me to be reminded that Mark appreciates service. He loved it when I prepare his coffee, when I cook and basically just serve his simple needs. He loved it when I spend time with him. These are his love languages. So these are my opportunities for me to bank. Whilst major withdrawals for me are when times I ignore him and when I disrespect him in anyway- which are events that can be prevented.

Nakakatuwa na vocally napagusapan namen ito ni Mark during the event. At least for now wala na hulaan ng feelings. 😊


Your spouse is your partner, an individual who is equal but different in role

To submit is not to be inferior. This is a one of the strongest point I have learned as I am truly honest that I am D type of person.

Aminin naten mga girls, ito talaga ang struggle minsan. But just like any authority, God placed our husbands in our lives for a special reason and that is to lead us. And how can somebody lead you if you have your own way on your own, right? Eh di ikaw na , ikaw na lang magisa. 😂

But kidding and sarcasm aside, this is an area of my married life that until now, is still under progress but I am confident that this is really progressing and is totally bearing fruits. 😉

You cannot change him and you are not suppose to!

It was very clear sa simula pa lang ng message, ‘you are not here to change your spouse’ yan ang sabi ng main speakers nor to collect arsenals for your future fights and say ‘see sabi ko sau eh! , o di ba tama ako? or pwede pala un bakit hindi mo ginagawa?’.

I have learned to appreciate Mark more, understand that we are one in everything and most importantly I have to grow in every particularly in my prayer life to be able to be support him. It is a time of realizations for me and truly not to compare Mark to a perfect husband or to what he is supposed to be but instead believe that we just have to work together because we were made right for each other.

Marriage is work but if you love it you will never have to feel that it is work. Putting marriage first is not a special formula, it is just right. We had our spouses before our kids. And in the busyness of motherhood or fatherhood, we tend to justify our lack of attention to this most important relationship within our family unit.

Our relationship will never be quarrel , disagreement nor fault finding proof – but I know it is always strengthen by the third strand, our God. We can never go wrong with this formula for a happy and thriving marriage.

For all married couple friends, I am sharing with you a 3 Wednesday Series on November for Marriage Booster Event – Send me a PM for more details. It is a great opportunity for all of us to invest more in our marriage. Besides it is the best gift we can ever give to our children.

Cheers to your true happiness,

Mara Sison Pasco